That's it. Friend or Foe? Partner or Protect?

Become conversationally intelligent.

Does your organization fall into set patterns that stop growth and limit solutions?

Do you and your leaders ever find yourself exerting power rather than exercising leadership?

Do you or your team ever talk past each other or become addicted to being right?

Words matter.

“9 out of 10 conversation miss the mark” ~Stanford University study

Words create worlds (and wealth). Use them wisely.
The ability to work together interdependently is one of our least developed skills, yet one that is most vital. The skills of opening up to others—and creating the emotional space for others to open up to you to you—requires deep trust. Without trust, leaders and groups struggle in getting extra-ordinary outcomes and worthy results.

Based on neuroscience research and the chemistry of conversations, people can develop their Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ):

+ Gives insights into how neurotransmitters activate how we respond, interact, and influence others.

+ Elevates the chemistry of positive connections and lowers the chemistry of fear and distrust.

+ Helps us understand how individuals, groups, and organizations transform and new pathways for healthy and productive conversations.

Judith E. Glasser posits that Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) is the hardwire and learnable ability to connect, navigate, and grow with others—a necessity in building healthier and more resilient organizations in the face of change. C-IQ begins with trust and ends with a high-quality relationship and business success. A new revolutionary lens for understanding and redefining conversations.


Characterized by Tell, Yell, Sell within exchanges.


Becoming free from the addition and stress of always winning. Negotiating and consensus building with constitutes.


Co-creating the space to diss-(the)-cover, ask questions, and explore new actions for growth.

Is it survival of the fittest, or those who fit in? Dr. Rivers

Miscommunication is a common business flaw. In an age of instant-on and hyper-connectivity, communication is important. According to new scientific research, our brain and heart influence who we are, how we learn, and what we do. How we talk and interact with each other influences how we act and what we accomplish collectively. We can navigate tumultuous change and uncertainty by inventing the future.

Sometimes individuals in companies have less power to change the system surrounding them than that system had to shape them. Harvard Business Review October 2016 Beer, Finnsorm, Schrader

Are you conversationally intelligent?

Act smart. Navigate the maze with D.-R-I-V-E-R-S application of Judith E. Glaser, CEO Benchmark Communications methodology to: Discover - Realign - Innovate - Validate - Evolve your organization. Make C-H-A-N-G-E-S. Caring - Humanizing - Aspiring - Navigating - Generating - Expressing - Synchronizing  Based on the latest research in neurosciences, regulate cortisol and oxytocin to chart your course for success.

Remember. What fires, wires.

When the cold front of human logic collides with the warm front of human passion, a thunderstorm of human brilliance occurs.
Dr. Rivers

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Professional coaching harnesses the individual aspirations and talent for achievement. By sharing wisdom in a positive environment, groups can leverage opportunities to explore challenges, question assumptions, examine blindspots, form strategies, and deploy solutions. As a sustainable learning model, coaching facilitates the discovering, sharing, reflecting, and acting upon experiences thus, achievement is accelerated. Individuals can fine tune their ability to communicate, collaborate, and co-create desired organizational outcomes and obtain goals. Humans can become more accountable, accomplished, and flourish.

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